Matthias Basler, Germany
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2005-08-08: First GeoWidgets release: 1.0.M0.

This is the first public release of GeoWidgets. It is a milestone release, that is, it is expected to be fairly stable, but currently NOT AT ALL feature complete.

Current content:
- GeoWidgets framework (utilities for localization, logging, validation, UI, etc.)
- CRS widgets, such as the CRS assembly widgets and units dropdown
- Mainly swing implementations, unit dropdown also available for SWT.

GeoWidgets is LGPL. The release contains both binary and source files.

2005-08-03: GeoWidgets project home page online.

This marks the launch of the GeoWidgets project at The project is currently in its starting phase: Coding has begun and a Subversion repository might soon be available.

GeoWidgets will work closely together with GeoTools, so work in GeoWidgets will always mean work on GeoTools too. Should you be interested in joining the project, just subscribe the GeoTools developer list, introduce yourself there and see what you can do. There is currently not yet a separate mailing list for GeoWidgets.


Create a set of Java widgets for GIS applications based on GeoTools. This includes widgets like map pane, legend, styling dialogs and coordinate system selection dialogs. Widgets shall be available for several UI toolkits such as Swing and SWT, but shall share a common framework. The framework includes localization support, logging support, user input validation, UI customization and more.

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